Change Your Belief and Change Your Emotion

Let’s go back to how your mind creates your emotions. To review, it is a belief that comes in contact with a life experience which creates an emotion. This is very important because if you can change the belief about something, then you will change the emotion that you feel when the experience happens.

For example, my daughter believes spiders are dangerous, evil insects. This morning she screamed from the bathroom for me to come and save her. The spider in question was a small, harmless creature no larger than a bean. Yet, the fear my daughter experience was as real as if it were a tarantula.

How could love change this situation for my daughter? When we believe that God not only created this world, but he placed men and women as stewards over the world, then we view every creature with love and reverence. If my daughter saw the spider for what it was, a helpless being that wanted to live, instead of a harmful creature that wanted to take her life, then she wouldn’t fear it.

The more she thinks about our creator and has love for His creations. The more her perspective of God’s creations will change because kind, wholesome, thoughts have the power to create love in your heart.

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