Welcome. My daughter and I are both Christians who believe that there is power in applying the principles of the Sermon on the Mount in our daily lives.  By doing this, you will be using the law of attraction properly. Loving your enemies, turning your cheek when you are hurt, forgiveness, and resisting the temptation to judge your neighbor are wise principles which require taking control of your thoughts and responsibility for your emotions. We invite you to read our blog for more positive insights!

As a young adult fiction author, I enjoy weaving these principles into my stories. In her Clarion Review of my book, DiSemblance, Jill Allen explains how I do this. She said, “. . . At an age where many teens attempt to estrange themselves from their guardians, Jason’s love for his father and his motivation to find out what happened to him are particularly refreshing. It is also admirable that Jason wishes to protect his little brother even though Isaac can be bratty and manipulative. The author expertly captures the reality that teenage boys can be mature one moment yet terrified the next.”
Jill Allen, Clarion Review,
Four Stars (out of Five)

As a future psychologist, my daughter, Sierra, loves studying the impact Christ principle-centered lifestyles have on our society.