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Humility is True Open-mindedness

A respected leader of mine once told me that humility can be painful because you have to literally strip off layers of pride. And pride is so easy to attain. Pride is often what drives us to compare ourselves to other people, what comes in and rationalizes and justifies that we’ve done nothing wrong. It is the voice that tells us we are better than those with whom we surround ourselves. Humility, on the other hand, is self-assured. She doesn’t need recognition nor the belittlement of others to feel good about herself. She derives value from the acknowledgement that she isn’t perfect and understands that her worth is intrinsic and unchangeable. Most importantly, she recognizes God in all things and releases the fist that is clenched tightly around her life in order to let Him in. This is because she recognizes that no wisdom of her own can surpass that of God’s. Humility is what drives us to our knees when our world is in chaos and allows God to guide and help. Pride is what keeps us on our feet, stubbornly refusing that help is needed or even that God is capable of giving assistance. Humility is not weakness, it is the ultimate strength of character because it shows one’s ability to see herself fully, along with all her relationships in this life. Humility is, in a sense, true open-mindedness, an admittance of weakness, of the necessity for constant change, and of the need for God. Written by Sierra Branham

Direct Consequences

I have two sons that believe two totally different things about me, and their belief affects the way I care for each of them. One son believes I treat the other son better because that son is the baby. What the older son doesn’t realize is that the younger son has been listening to meContinue Reading

I’m Right and You’re Wrong

Lately, my husband and I have had an issue come up where we have had opposite opinions. He’ll say, “I know I’m right.” and I’ll say, “I know I’m right.” The more we turned the issue into a sparring match over who’s right, the more anger we felt towards one another. When I realized thatContinue Reading

Humility is the Power to Forgive

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines humility as “not thinking of yourself as better than other people.” If you think about the relationships that mean the most to you, I bet you will find that all of those people not only love you, but also see you as valuable. Feeling valuable to the person with whom youContinue Reading


I learned early on with my six kids that I had to be humble to make it through their teenage years and still appreciate them. It took humility to have them treat me disrespectfully and not retaliate. Don’t get me wrong, I would always tell them that what they were doing or saying wasn’t appropriate,Continue Reading

Humility can be Hard

Whenever I get run down, I get cold sores. When this happens, my teenage boys remind me that I’m an awful person because I have some kind of herpes they learned about in health class. At these moments, I have to humbly remind myself that I’m doing my best. Besides, it doesn’t matter what IContinue Reading