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Bashing Brings Contention

My son who is serving a mission in Texas for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints told me this story in his latest weekly email:

Later this week we had a very negative experience with one of our investigating families. We went … 26 miles away to teach this family again. But the outcome of the lesson was horrible. The mother’s heart wasn’t open and all she wanted to do was argue with us…. I hate bashing with people. It isn’t an uplifting experience for anyone. The spirit of contention was the only thing in the room, so we politely departed wishing them well.

When you choose to turn the other cheek, you choose to remain in a peaceful state. By turning the other cheek the spirit of contention cannot take a hold of you and the spirit of the Holy Ghost can remain with you. I’m glad that my son is learning this important lesson early in his life. If someone doesn’t want to agree with you, no amount of arguing will change their mind. Arguing will only destroy whatever goodwill you have between the two of you. Sometimes, the best action is to not take action by turning the other cheek.

Compassion is Forgetting Yourself for a Moment

In yesterday’s post, I attempted to establish a feeling for what compassion means. Today, I will strive to illustrate how compassion can be demonstrated within relationships. Compassion is very closely tied to empathy, and empathy is an ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Simply put, empathy is putting yourself in someone else’sContinue Reading

Compassion Changed my Heart

Compassion changed my heart. There is a woman in my church congregation with whom I have had several bad experiences. These experiences have created a negative feeling within me towards her. I struggled for a long time with these negative feelings until one Sunday when she stood up in front of the congregation and sharedContinue Reading