The Power of Kindness and Love

The other night I watched Disney’s new version of Cinderella. I really appreciated the way the main character was taught, “. . . have courage and be kind.” It’s easy to see in that movie how living that principle created within Cinderella a spirit of higher, positive energy. I like how the movie ends by saying that we can’t avoid negative, malicious people in our lives, but we can choose to create the best outcomes out of every situation by using kindness and love.

You have the power to change the world around you by what you choose to think about the people around you and how you choose to treat them. There is great power in focusing on the best attributes of your associates. There is also great power in choosing to be courageous and kind no matter how you are treated.

It’s Hard to Think Negatively about Someone Who Thinks Positively about You

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s amazing how much power positive thoughts and actions have upon the people around you. It’s hard to think negatively about someone who thinks positively about you. When someone smiles at you, your first reaction is to smile back. When someone opens the doorContinue Reading

God Sees Your Immense Value

I have a friend whose husband has a bad habit of thinking doom and gloom. Recently, he heard that there were cutbacks in his company and he became fearful that he would lose his job. Whether or not this fear is based on truth or fallacy is not the issue here. The issue begins withContinue Reading

God Already Exists

Yesterday we talked about how loving God enough to keep His commandments strengthens our belief that He exists. Today I want to clarify a point that could have been misconstrued. Whether or not you believe God exists, does not change the fact that He does exist. Just as there will still be yellow Ford mustangsContinue Reading

Wholesome Living Promotes Spiritual Strength

“Spiritual strength promotes positive thinking, positive ideals, positive habits, positive attitudes, and positive efforts. These are the qualities which promote wisdom, physical and mental well-being, and enthusiastic acceptance and response by others . . . Only the wholesome have the capacity to lift and encourage one another to greater service, to greater achievement, to greaterContinue Reading

The First Great Commandment

Many really wonderful people don’t understand the power that comes from living the principles which Jesus Christ taught during His ministry. Christ brought with Him a new higher law that involves taking control of your thoughts and desires. I believe that the power from living this way comes because of the law of attraction. IContinue Reading