God Loves us Mistakes and All

I have this friend who has a child who ended up in an embarrassing situation that I think would make a great example for today’s discussion. My friend’s son is an older teen who is just discovering that he likes girls. He went to a dance and ended up dancing with a girl he really liked. He asked the girl for her phone number and she gave it to him. Being new to the dating scene and struggling with his newfound emotions, he wanted to know if this girl liked him back. So he asked her in a text. The response he got in return was unexpected. The girl did not have her own cell phone so she had given this boy her mom’s cell phone number. The mother texted the boy back in place of the girl.

Imagine the boy’s embarrassment when he read, “That’s nice, ‘boy’s name’, This is Mrs. So and So, the girl’s mom. I think you’re a very nice boy.”

How this boy processes this situation will greatly influence how he handles similar situations in the future. He has several choices of how he can think about the situation. How he thinks about the situation will greatly affect his future. If he tells himself he’s a fool, then he will probably feel too self conscious to communicate his emotions honestly in the future. If he laughs at the situation because he realizes that his self esteem is not dependent on what other people think about him, then he can look at the situation with humility. Hopefully, he will recognize that everyone makes mistakes. Hopefully, he will find more self confidence from the realization that he can make mistakes and all will be okay because his Heavenly Father loves him—mistakes and all. That’s why he sent Jesus Christ to die so we might repent and live!

Pride Isn’t Always Unhealthy

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Jesus Christ my Savior

Sierra here. I’d like to dig a little deeper into yesterday’s topic of Christ and His great sacrifice for us. There is a word commonly used to describe Christ’s sacrifice, the word is ‘atonement’. Whenever I say Christ’s atonement, I am referring to the sacred act of Christ suffering and dying for all our sins,Continue Reading