When you are Angry, you are Easily Pulled into Other People’s Angry Energy

Jesus Christ said, “…and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” The type of frequency you send out comes back to you. How do you feel when you know someone hates you? The natural thing to do would be to hate them back. Or how do you feel when someone loves you? The natural thing to do would be to love them back.

The energy you choose to reside within attracts energy of the same nature. The type of judgments you choose to make attract judgments of a like nature in other people. Like gravity, you can’t change this fact of life.

What you can change is what type of thoughts you have about people. Negative emotions such as hate can have powerful negative affects. Hate is the root of a lot of bad actions. Hate is usually fueled by anger.

When you are angry, you are easily pulled into other people’s angry energy. You have to choose to let go of what is causing the anger. You have to choose to change your frequency by changing what you believe about the world. You have to allow faith and hope to shift your perspective of what is possible.

Are you ready to move to a higher frequency?

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