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In God’s Eyes We Are All Winners

Let’s talk about the power of positive frequency. There is a big difference between being in the mind-frame of love and value versus fear. When you believe you have great worth, you don’t depend upon other people’s comments to define your value. If someone says something contrary to your belief about yourself, you easily dismiss it.

As long as what is said about you doesn’t resonate with a negative belief about yourself, the comment doesn’t hurt you. Only when criticism validates a negative subconscious belief does it bring on a painful emotion.

The ability to side-step criticism is grounded in love and positive thinking. I think that’s why the second greatest commandment is “…Love thy neighbor as thyself.” The more you understand how great your value is the more you can love your neighbor and accept them as they are. You might even feel compassion for your attacker.

I’m not talking about believing you are better than someone else. When you believe you are better than your neighbors, you don’t really value yourself or them. In fact, if you need to compare yourself against others to feel like you have value, then you don’t understand how valuable you are as a child of God.

Comparison gets its value from one person being greater than the other. There is always a loser. (In God’s eyes we are all winners.) Someone who bases her value on being better than her neighbors can’t ever feel value by herself. Alone she is nothing. Where does your value come from?