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What Does a Negative Belief About Prayer Do?

What would happen if you have a negative belief about prayer? If you pray because you have been taught to pray, but you don’t believe God is real or He cares about you. Then you don’t believe God will answer your prayers. Praying could make you feel angry, resentful or sad and disappointed.

Remember your mind will filter the information you are receiving from the world with the priority that ‘my prayers will not be never answered’ because you either don’t believe God exists or God loves you enough to answer your prayers. So even if God is REAL and ANSWERS your prayers, your brain would dismiss the answers because your brain’s filter system is created to pay attention to what you believe the world to be and then validate those beliefs. No matter whether those beliefs are positive or negative.

After my mother was killed in a horrible car accident, my father was diagnosed as a manic depressive. The last 10-15 years of his life he changed careers and drove semi trucks across the country to make a living. He would go through long periods of time without communicating with me. Instead of worrying constantly about his safety, I fasted and prayed regularly that he would be watched over.

It wasn’t until I had been consistently praying for over ten years that I got confirmation that God had been listening. It came through two different experiences. 1) My father pulled off on the side of the interstate and had a heart attack. A highway patrol officer found him in time to take him to the hospital to get the surgery he needed to save his life. 2) When I was visiting my father and we were driving from one city to the next, he was ruminating over the past when he stopped and said, “Shanae, I don’t understand why I never died from suicide. I’ve known several men with my disease who killed themselves. There have been several times when I came close but I’m still here.”

I choose to believe that God intervened in my father’s life partly because of my earnest prayers. He kept him safe so that he could be surrounded by family and friends when it was his time to pass from this world. I testify the power of prayer is real. The trick is that you have to believe in the power of prayer to see God’s hand in your life. Can you believe?