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Ask in Faith Nothing Wavering

What does it mean to ask in faith with nothing wavering? In James 1:5-6, it states, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.”

The Merriam-Webster dictionary states that to waver is “To go back and forth between choices or opinions.” How many people do you know that can’t make up their minds? One day they believe one thing, and the next day they are convinced that the opposite is now the truth. Or have you every worked with someone that doubts their ability or actions. Working with someone like that can be frustrating because a wavering person takes one step down the path and then decides they were wrong and goes back to the beginning. Once they get to the beginning of the path, they change their mind again and start down the path once more only to change their mind again and start over.

Unfortunately, when someone wavers all their time and energy is wasted in changing their minds instead of accomplishing a task. This debilitating process keeps them from completing anything of value. I believe that when God asks us to “ask Him in faith, nothing wavering”; He is asking us to believe the answer we receive from Him and move forward without second guessing ourselves. We must have the “faith” to move forward without doubt.

Hope is like Magic

To hope against hope is to hope without any basis for expecting fulfillment. In Romans 8:24 it states, “We are saved by hope…, but hope that is seen is not hope”. Hope is never backed up with actual proof. When you are in the state of hoping, you don’t have any evidence that assures youContinue Reading

Hope as a Anchor

I love the metaphor used in the bible which states, “Hope is the anchor of our souls…”. I’ve been around boats enough to understand how important an anchor is to staying where you want to be in the middle of a large body of water. Without an anchor, the boat would float away with theContinue Reading

Patience Can Be Learned

When I was in my twenties and even thirties (I can say this now I’m nearing fifty), I used to be very impatient, irresponsible, and impulsive. I wanted things when I wanted them and my attention span for focusing was very limited. Luckily, God saw my potential and didn’t give up on me. He taughtContinue Reading

Patience Changes Your Life

Yesterday we discussed how “When patience is coupled with hope, faith, and charity, it motivates you to react in the best way possible.” I’d like to continue with that discussion by sharing an example of how this principle is used to transform weakness into strength. Let’s use the example of a body builder. You haveContinue Reading

Patience is Required for Success

Patience is required for you to work through a problem, develop a new skill, or transform weakness into strength. How can patience be so important? Remember being patient is being “able to remain calm and not become annoyed when waiting for a long time or when dealing with problems or difficult people.” So patience isContinue Reading

Patience Strengthens Love

Patience strengthens love.  A couple of months ago, I caught a bad case of influenza which put me down in bed for four, long weeks. Luckily, I have a patient husband who didn’t get annoyed with me. Day after day which turned into week after week, he lovingly took care of me without annoyance. HisContinue Reading

Great Example of Patience

Patience is crucial in showing love to a child. I love the following story from the book, Feelings Buried Alive, by Karol K. Truman. It exemplifies this example perfectly. Four-year old Victor, a very active, precocious child loved to visit his grandparents because there were so many fun things to see and do. Victor’s grandparentsContinue Reading

Holding a Place for You

Patience gives you time to see the best in someone you care about. It’s the action of love. It says, “I love you enough to accept life on your terms and timeline.” For instance, this could be allowing your loved one to hold onto unhealthy habits, negative beliefs, or negative emotions until they are readyContinue Reading

Direct Consequences

I have two sons that believe two totally different things about me, and their belief affects the way I care for each of them. One son believes I treat the other son better because that son is the baby. What the older son doesn’t realize is that the younger son has been listening to meContinue Reading