The Nature of Life Requires we have Compassion

We live in an imperfect world filled with imperfect people. There is sadness, pain, darkness and hurt. But there is also joy and peace and smiling. Sometimes, when we aren’t always happy, when things aren’t always going right, we feel that we are pushing against the current of life and that it may never get better. But, as God has taught us, there is opposition in all things- it is simply a part of our mortal experience on this earth. We must pass through the cold, dark winters in order to experience the warmth of the sun in the summertime.

The nature of this life requires that we have compassion because not everyone lives through personal winters at the same time. Our summer and autumns and springs all come at different times, and we can never truly know the season of another without love and compassion. We need to have an ability and a willingness to leave our moment of peace and enter into a brief moment of sorrow with another so that we can help strengthen them. This doesn’t mean that we should forego our good times, but simply that we ought to be conscientious of others’ hard times. As we do so, I believe that our ability to live happily will increase because we are trying to connect and serve others simply by being there for them in their times of difficulty. Often, all someone needs is an ear that will listen and a heart that will love empathetically. Written by Sierra Branham

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